Why is the US vote count taking so long?

Why is the US vote count taking so long?
Washington: Three days after the polls closed, the final results of the US and world presidential elections have yet to be announced, although Democrats Joe Biden Was on the verge of unwanted Donald Trump.
The wait has escalated tensions in the polar country, with Trump accusing Democrats of engineering fraud.
But delays were widely expected, often for specific reasons related to individual states, with each one making its own choice under the US system:
California, the nation’s most populous country, was called to bidon shortly after the polls closed on Tuesday. But such calls are actually estimates made by newsletters rather than official results, meaning it takes longer to get an accurate picture of the briefly divided states.
“The closer the races get, the longer it takes,” Kathy Bookworth, secretary of state for Pennsylvania, told reporters.
States have different deadlines for obtaining absentee ballots, especially those who come from the military or other citizens living abroad.
North Carolina Counting of at least 171,000 ballots is prohibited – which may make a difference – because by law it accepts votes that arrive by mail until November 12, unless they are marked by election day. Was going.
Similarly, Nevada, which has a tough race, will count the number of ballots marked by Election Day by November 10.
The reason for the delay is also temporary ballots, which are issued to voters if there is confusion about their registration and investigation is needed.
With concerns about the Kovid-19 epidemic, states accustomed to a limited number of absentee votes have been confused with ballots sent by citizens who do not want to risk voting individually.
According to an estimate by the U.S. Election Project, some 65.2 million of the 160 million Americans who voted this year did so by mail.
In Pennsylvania, the Republican-led legislature rejected an attempt to count officials before Election Day, contributing to a situation in which its largest city, Philadelphia – a Democratic stronghold – returned last time. Reported.
In some places there are unique factors in delaying the vote count, such as in the fierce battle in Fourth County Georgia, where an election department and a registration board look at the ballot separately.
Trump’s campaign has called for delays in calling for a halt to the numbers in states where he lags behind, particularly Pennsylvania. Republican Party US Supreme Court approached.
Republicans have been fighting for months against allowing Pennsylvania to count ballots marked by Election Day as they arrive on Friday.
In Wisconsin, where Biden won an easy victory in the by-elections on Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court ruled that the number of votes cast on election day would be the same.
Most anti-state parties are allowed to count but the challenges to the rules have taken time. Trump supporters have raised the issue of the Philadelphia rule that observers should be at least 15 feet (4.5 meters) away because of the risk of covid Are.

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