Why was Steven Spielberg’s film banned in India? · Rolling stone

Why was Steven Spielberg’s film banned in India?  · Rolling stone

Indiana Jones is an audience-loved saga – but a film in the franchise sparked controversy and was banned in India

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starred by Harrison Ford, suffrage Indiana Jones is a huge success worldwide and has become one of the actor’s most iconic roles. Even though it is a saga dear to the masses, the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) generated controversy and was banned in India.

The second film in the franchise told the story Indiana Jones On a mission to rescue a stone stolen by an Indian magician. Therefore, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Very painted the culture of India – and this did not please the population.

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For the Indian government, the script was based on negative stereotypes of their culture – and even presented human sacrifices and monkey brains as local delicacies. Steven Spielberg, the director of the film refused to change the script and, as a result, the film was banned in India and was never released in theatres. cheat Sheet.

also involved in the dispute, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) was a box office hit in the rest of the world – grossing over $333 million – and won Oscar From best visual effects in 1985.

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Indiana JonesHow was suffrage born?

created by George Lucas I Steven Spielberg, suffrage Indiana Jones became a symbol of pop culture and the first film was, Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981), released in 1981.

character of Harrison Ford was born to pay tribute to the heroes of the action series and movies of the 1930s and was rated by American Film InstituteLike the greatest movie hero of all time.

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