‘Willian knows how to win titles’ – Zahaka happy with Arsenal’s summer business

'Willian knows how to win titles' - Zahaka happy with Arsenal's summer business

The only reason gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta believes he is still in north London is because he feels confident about the 2020-21 campaign.

Arsene Wenger’s business has been praised by Granit Zhaka, Gunners midfielder Pierre-American Obamayang has signed a new contract and Willian – a man who is happy to see a man “know how to win the title” – has arrived from Chelsea.

Mikel Arteta is working hard to gain more strength on board at the Emirates Stadium.

He doesn’t have the biggest budget and can’t compete with Chelsea’s preferences when it comes to detailed spending.

Brazil acquired an experienced international villain as a free agent.

He also has another defender on board in the form of Gabriel Maglahez, while significant funding has been raised from the 20 20 million (26 26 million) sale of Amy Martinez’s Aston Villa.

Jhaka is one of the people who has been impressed, in the promise of more to come, with a congenital midfielder. S.D.A.: “With Willian and Gabriel, Arsenal brought a lot of quality and mentality to the dressing room. Willian knows how to win titles.

“And the rise with Obama was an important sign for all of us – we want to go back to the Champions League.”

The Gunners will play a key role in Zaka’s attempt to return to the top four of the Premier League.

He made a fresh start in north London under Arteta’s guidance, Spanier talked about living with him and found consistency in an artist who once worked outside.

Zhaka added to her manager: “One thing is for sure, I would not be in London without him.

“He was a decisive factor, with his philosophy, his style and his ideas. I’m really grateful for that.

“I’m joining Mikel Arteta [the FA Cup] Win. It gives him confidence and a certain security.

“We players saved a strange season with the last possible qualification for international business.

“I don’t want to imagine the reaction if we lost the Europa League.”

Arsenal’s continental campaign for 2020-21 is yet to open, with the focus currently on domestic affairs as there are going to be two testing trips for Liverpool in the Premier League and Carabao Cup.

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