Windows 10 Alert: You can lose everything in less than 1 minute!

Windows 10 Alert: You can lose everything in less than 1 minute!

Note that to lose nothing in Windows 10, you should not perform the command shown in this article as an example. It is perfectly fine that malicious users are hidden in many files and in this way people are losing data.

A in windows 10 Failure So serious that you can lose everything! The person said, which is not really good, they can erase their NTFS formatted disk. All with a simple command. Worst of all, it is relatively simple to do. There are tricks all over the place and some are better kept away.

Windows 10 Alert: You can lose everything in less than 1 minute!

In many tests conducted by the site BleepingComputer, This command may be hidden inside a Windows shortcut file, a zip, or several other vectors. In this way you can activate a system that will immediately corrupt the system index.

In August 2020, October 2020 and this week, infosec researcher Jonas L. noted the NTFS vulnerability, which affects Windows 10. Worst, zero patch.

When exploited, this vulnerability can be triggered by a single line command. This will immediately corrupt NTFS-formatted hard drives. Meanwhile, Windows displays a message asking you to restart your computer to repair corrupted disk records.

The researcher has already told BlappingComputer that the flaw has become exploitable since Windows 10 Build 1803, the Windows 10 update from April 2018, and continues to work on the latest version.

But even worse is this vulnerability that can be triggered by standard and low-privilege user accounts on Windows 10 systems.

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The command that you should not execute is below:

Lose windows 10

It is not known why this command corrupts the unit and it will not be very easy to detect exactly. However, after running the Windows 10 command and pressing Enter, the user receives an error message. It reads that the file or directory is corrupt or unreadable.

Meanwhile, the user should repair the disk. The point is that by then you must have lost everything. Be very careful with what opens up to all of this!

What do you understand by this failure? Tell us everything in the comments.

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