Windows 11 may get a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1

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hey windows 11 A version was leaked this Tuesday (15) and many enthusiasts have already begun rummaging through code, folders and operating system options in search of secrets.

And a surprise appears to have appeared: Apparently, Microsoft will be offering a free upgrade to the latest version of the platform for those who have the basic versions of the older models. who discovered the website XDA Developers, who found some product configuration keys on the platform for both Windows 7 how much for Windows 8.1.

The original story didn’t really test that method – which may still be unsettling, as it’s a leaked version – and noted that there are references to it. Windows 8, but without all the steps to update.

Files that confirm the possibility of updating the platform.Source: XDA Developers

reduce fragmentation

Plus, it’s possible for updates to be cumulative, which means that Windows 7 device owners will have to move to later versions before the most current ones arrive. The strategy follows Microsoft’s current plan to try to avoid fragmenting the user base and attract the majority of the community to the latest versions.

In 2019, Windows 10 reached 50% of the base from the company’s customers, while version 7 has already completely lost support, despite still heavily used.

Windows 11, which may not even have that name, will be officially unveiled on June 24. stay tuned for techworld Next week to know all about the update.

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