Windows 11: See what will be removed from the operating system

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a Microsoft Detected yesterday (24) windows 11, the new version of the most popular operating system in the world. The software, which will come free to Windows 10 users in late 2021, will have a more modern look, multi-screen support, Android apps in the App Store, and more. more news.

Despite the additions, computer programs would also have many casualties. huge of technology Announced that over 15 functions present in the current OS will simply be removed or no longer natively installed.

the main removal is Cortana, artificial intelligence that will no longer be included in startup and pinned to the taskbar. Another notable absence is Internet Explorer, which the company already announced to be deactivating.

View key tools that will be removed in the future operating system. To see the full list, visit official site from Microsoft.


According to Microsoft, Cortana will no longer be “included in the first boot experience or pinned to the taskbar.” Artificial intelligence was used in the initial configuration of the system, a task that would no longer be performed by it.

internet explorer

hey Traditional browser will be disabled Only on June 15th, 2022, it still won’t be on Windows 11 later this year. “microsoft edge Recommended replacement is and includes IE Mode, which can be useful in certain scenarios,” says the company.

internet explorer

start menu

According to Microsoft, the following changes have been made to the new Start menu:

  • Named Groups and Application Folders are no longer supported and the layout is currently not resizable;
  • Pinned applications and websites will not be migrated during this time Windows 10;
  • Dynamic blocks are no longer available. To use dynamic and visible content, you’ll need to consult the new widget feature.
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windows 11The Start Menu will feature a Windows 11-centric version

Tablet Mode and S Mode

Tablet mode, which allows you to use your computer like a tablet, has been completely removed. To change that, Windows 11 will have new features to dock and undock the keyboard.

Mode S, an executable that creates more security and performance by simply running apps from the Microsoft Store, will be available only in Windows 11 Home.

tablet mode

Applications that will no longer install

Microsoft said that during a clean install of Windows 11, software other than Internet Explorer will no longer be installed. Despite this, the programs will be in the App Store. Is that:

  • 3D Viewer;
  • OneNote for Windows 10;
  • Paint 3D;
  • Skype;

Removing Skype makes a lot of sense, as the new OS will have Integrated Microsoft Teams. Also the oldest videoconferencing program will no longer be a priority.

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