With a new look: Google Photos gets a Material You-based design from Android 12 and new widgets

With a new look: Google Photos gets a Material You-based design from Android 12 and new widgets

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In early June we already showed you what the new Google Photos interface based on Android 12 content will look like and today it’s finally coming to more users, at least according to our testing on Android 11 devices, which already have The new design is you can see below:

As you can see, the font with the month name is now bigger, giving more prominence to this type of grouping in photos. The Search tab has also received some refinements, showing recurring themes in recently visited places and photos.

Another new feature is the memory widget, which is coming to the app as well. With it, you can view memories created by Google Photos on your Android home screen. See how it turned out:

The new version of Photos is being released to users today in conjunction with the update being distributed with version on Google Play. In our tests, the new interface is already available for some Android 11 devices and is no longer limited to the Pixel line of devices.

However, the new interface could also be linked to changes to Google’s servers, so if it’s not available to you yet, just be patient as it will arrive in the next few days.

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Google Photos has become the most talked about topic among photographers and Android users in recent times Unlimited storage expiration for free users. However, this shouldn’t be the only news of 2021 for the app, which should soon get a facelift based on Android 12’s Material U.

Evidence of the change was found by user @damned_im, who came across the new design in version 5.43 of the photo. See the comparison between the new version and the current version.

As you can see, the new design will have larger fonts, making it easier to navigate between dates in the app.

It is worth noting that this new design was not enabled on Android 12 phones, but on the first generation Google Pixel with Android 10, which is very curious, after all it is not even using the latest stable version of the Google system.

The screenshots you see were created by XDA Developers developers, who analyzed and modified the Google Photos version 5.43 APK file code, enabling the new design.

Some changes are functional, such as the date of the images now remaining in the upper left corner, even when scrolling to see more images in the library.

Another interesting change is the easy visualization in Map Mode. Now if a certain group of photos is taken at the same location, the app will suggest switching to Map view to see even more details and nearby places.

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Finally, it’s worth remembering that Fotos isn’t the only Google app with minor UI tweaks. Chrome has already got some new details as well. I Google Feed has already got the option to adapt the colors of the wallpaper to be used on mobile phones with Android 12 installed.

It’s worth noting that the facelift isn’t active for all users yet and Google hasn’t commented on it yet, so it could be a gradual change to the company’s servers that’s still reported in Google Photos today. Testing improvements.

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