With an offer from Bahia Notius / Khel / EC Vitoria / Bahia, Guilherme Rand is threatened on the social network

With an offer from Bahia Notius / Khel / EC Vitoria / Bahia, Guilherme Rand is threatened on the social network

Photo: Leticia Martins / EC Vittoria

Defensive midfielder Guillerum Rand said he was being threatened on social media. The Vittoria player made the report on Saturday night. Belonging to Jakipens, he received an offer from Bahia (Read here) Belongs to. To be with the athlete, the lion must match the opponent’s offer.

“Come on, guys! I never complain about publishing anything or any criticism when they do or anything else when my football goes bad. However, when it comes to me and my family it’s disrespectful, insulting and Disgraceful., It’s already out of “normal”. Consciousness, people. It’s already over the limit. I’m a human and I deserve respect with someone else.

Guillerme Rand were the holders of the Rubro-Negro to lose 3–0, during the afternoon, for the second round of the North East Cup, in Castelão,Check here) Belongs to. Thus, if the transfer of the tricolor is completed, he will not be able to play in the regional tournament for the new team. Steel Squadron is seeking a steering wheel to supply Gregor, which was sold to Inter Miami in the United States.

With Ceará’s defeat, Vittoria finished second in Group B of Nordestav with three points remaining. The next appointment in the regional will be a Classic against Bahia, for Saturday (13), at 16h, in Barrado, for the third round. But before that, on Tuesday (9), the Rubro-Negro enters the fray for the Copa do Brasil, where he faces Ogoia Negra in Rio Brilhte, from 1915 in Mato Grosso do Sul, for the first leg.

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