With the dollar declining, Brazilians want to immigrate to the United States again!

With the dollar declining, Brazilians want to immigrate to the United States again!

With the post-pandemic world returning to normal, through the advent of vaccines and the reopening of borders, the dollar has continued to depreciate since the start of the year. This fact sets an encouraging scenario for tourism and also for those who want to start planning an immigration process and who have canceled plans, or decided to wait for a more positive scenario.

Daniel Toledo, lawyer working in the field of international law, is the founder of Toledo & Associates And partners in LiToledo PLLC, an international law firm with units in Brazil and the United States, tell it is restarting, but varies according to published news about the pandemic. “It is expected that by the end of the year, international travel will return to the same frequency as in 2019”, he says.

Experts recommend that families travel to the United States, before beginning planning, to decide which city they will live in. “There are many details involved in moving to another country, especially when children are part of these plans. Therefore, these “experimental” trips are so essential, so that everyone understands the dynamics that will include the new home, but the exact time of day. Don’t forget Visa and initial objective”, he explains.

Even though some of the details such as housing, schools, renting essential services can be done by families, the lawyer recommends that the entire migration process be done with the help of an expert. “You have to be based on rules and laws. When you want to have your own home, for example, you dream, plan, work, save money and put all your efforts to achieve that good. And apply motivation. The same goes for immigration. When you create too many expectations, you only imagine the good things that can happen: you get your approved visa, a good job, your family. sort of adapt and be sure of a luxurious home. But it’s important to know that things are different”, warns Toledo

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The job won’t always be perfect or the adaptation won’t always be quick. Language can bring inconvenience in the form of currency conversion, among other issues. “As an attorney, I try to bring that awareness to each of my clients and bring them to reality. Most create a very high expectation, which can even be disastrous, based on a certain idea. Whatever may not happen”.

Most believe that it is enough to come to the country, set up a cleaning company, whether it is cleaning or pool maintenance, gardening, which are simple chores and have a certain ease to grow Brazilians. But in practice, that’s not how it works. “First, because the person would need a work permit and if he does not have this document, he is already committing an illegal act, therefore undertaking the right way is always the best and most appropriate way”, he added. inserted.

In addition, care should be taken that the intended business does not conflict with visa requirements. “Therefore, before starting any kind of immigration process, our team conducts lengthy conversations with the client to understand what his prospects are, in the particular country he wants to move to”, explains Toledo.

Toledo reinforces that when hiring a professional, it’s important to take references from these professionals about the products companies offer and be aware of whether they are selling something genuine or creating an expectation. are. “There are many factors that need to be analyzed. Many offer what you want to hear and forget about all the requirements”, advises the lawyer.

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The lawyer ends by saying that there are many ways to enter the country legally, but the lack of information becomes a waste of these Brazilians. Coyotes charge 30 grand for high risk crossings. So this reflects a massive lack of information on the part of those who voluntarily choose this risky position”, he concluded.

Daniel is a lawyer for Toledo Toledo and Associated Lawyers Specializing in International Law, International Business Consultant, Speaker and Partner in LiToledo PLLC.

Office Toledo and Associated Lawyers Specializes in international law, immigration, investment and international trade.

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