Woman Arrested at Hawaii Airport for Using False Vaccine Evidence, Misspelling | World

Woman Arrested at Hawaii Airport for Using False Vaccine Evidence, Misspelling |  World

A 24-year-old American woman was detained at an airport over the weekend airy By Use false vaccine evidence, informed the local police on Tuesday (31).

chloe morozaki, a resident of the state of Illinois, allegedly submitted Fake documents while landing in the state a week ago, according to the researchers.

Hawaii follows strict travel rules due to the pandemic COVID-19 And travelers who have not been vaccinated should follow a mandatory ten-day quarantine.

According to the Hawaiian police, he was suspicious of the document presented, which named the vaccine he might have taken – The Modern – Registered with typos like Maderna, with “a”.

In addition, he unsuccessfully searched for Morozak’s name in the Delaware state vaccination system, where he claimed to have been vaccinated.

Investigators said they tried to contact the young woman while she was in Hawaii, but said He may have lied about his reservation and given the wrong phone number.

it was time to return America continental that they Mirojak prevented from boarding Joe is being investigated for fraud and even lied about his return flight.

Using false documents to prove a test or a Covid-19 vaccine is a Crime in the State of Hawaii And she can be stuck for a year.

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