Woman condemns neighbor for barbecue every day in Argentina. leoway portal

Woman condemns neighbor for barbecue every day in Argentina.  leoway portal

When it comes to complaints, we imagine there’s something serious involved, right? However, a case in Cordoba, Argentina had its effect when a woman went to the police to report something unusual.

According to the information received from Metro newspaper, he may have asked the officials only to say that the neighbor has barbecue every day and that harassed him.

Before looking for the police, the resident even knocked on the neighbor’s door, but he did not request the limit of roasts to be reduced.

What is unusual about this story is that the women did not go to the authorities because of the noise or smoke from the barbecue, but because the neighbor was able to fry the meat daily.

The head of the city’s ombudsman, Alicia Peresutti, classified the complaint as “unreliable”, as the woman argued that “with current meat prices, we cannot barbecue every day”.

In the end, as there is no direct solution to the matter, Alicia brought up two options: “reported neighbors limit the number of barbecues, or they invite the affected family”.

And you, would you be bothered by your neighbor barbecuing every day?

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