Woman dies after playing cards with friends in America

Woman dies after playing cards with friends in America

In late December, an 82-year-old woman in Ohio (USA) died of COVID-19 after being infected while playing cards with friends with the disease. In an interview with a US broadcaster, the elderly woman’s granddaughter accused the victim’s friends of leaving the test with a positive result for the new coronavirus,

“I’m horrified by what’s happening and where we are,” Lauren Nash told ABC TV7 News. “We’re not taking people’s lives into account.”

“To me, it’s not worth going out knowing that you can infect someone,” she says, referring to a friend of her grandmother’s, who talked about being with Covid-19 during game time. had confessed.

Victim’s granddaughter, in an interview to American TV

Image: reproduction/abc7news

According to information from TV ABC 7 News, Barb Bartolovich, who had four children and 10 grandchildren, had already recovered from cancer and when she was infected with the Kovid-19 virus, she still suffered from low resistance of her immune system. was suffering.

According to Bartolovich’s granddaughter, the woman had severe symptoms and was admitted to Mercy Health St. Elizabeth Hospital before she died on December 21. Nash remembers that Grandma had already been vaccinated, but didn’t resist because of the cancer treatment sequence.

“She made each of us feel special in her own way,” says the young woman, who then recalls the old woman’s motto: “Nothing in life is so bad that it can’t be fixed,” Nash concluded.

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