Woman discovers ‘cheating’ when her boyfriend watches Olympic Games opening

Woman discovers 'cheating' when her boyfriend watches Olympic Games opening

According to Megan-Marie’s account, the boyfriend sent a photo with the caption, ‘Watching the Olympics with friends. See you tomorrow”. .

Woman learns of betrayal after her boyfriend watches the Olympic Games opening Photo: reproduction/TikTokT

According to Megan-Marie’s account, her boyfriend sent a photo with the caption “Watching the Olympics with friends. see you tomorrow”. According to the lover, he was at a friend’s house, where he will be watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on TV last Friday (23/7).

But Megan-Marie’s detective instincts forced her to examine the photo closely. and he found out A woman’s leg is reflected in the mirror of a piece of furniture.

In the photo sent, the boyfriend’s legs are seen wearing jeans on the left. Next to that, in the mirror, says the author of the video, is a woman sitting.

For Megan-Marie, there was no doubt: her boyfriend was at a woman’s house, especially with her Decor – Flowers & Fashion & Art Books.

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