Woman felt ‘cheated’ after boyfriend’s watching Olympics world and science

Woman felt 'cheated' after boyfriend's watching Olympics  world and science

“Crush” did not pay attention to the details in the imageReproduction

Published 07/27/2021 9:29 am

Last Saturday, 24, a TikTok user told a very unusual story of how she found out that she was being “cheated” by her boyfriend. According to the account of young Megan-Marie living in Florida (USA), the boy had sent a photo to say that he was watching the Olympic Games with his friends, but he let some details slip away.

According to images shown on social networks, a pair of legs were visible in the reflection of furniture under the television, according to which he concluded that they belonged to a woman. Before the photo, Mary asked what she was doing. “Watching the Olympics with the boys, I’ll see you tomorrow,” replied her boyfriend.


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The photo also contained two glasses of alcoholic beverages and other objects such as books aimed at female audiences, which helped Mary conclude that she was being betrayed.

However, the story was explained by the young woman last Monday, 26. The boyfriend was, in fact, just a “hanger” whom Mary may have met a few days earlier and the picture sent was a joke. When asked what “Crush” was doing, he said “he was watching the Olympics with the ‘boys'”, ironically. In response, the girl praised the decor of the place. “Is it there [dona da casa] I said thank you,” the boy must have said.

Megan-Marie told that going viral on Tiktok was just a joke. “He is not a piece of garbage like everyone else is saying,” concluded the young woman.

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