Woman finds out ‘missing’ boyfriend is married and has three children

Woman finds out 'missing' boyfriend is married and has three children

A woman who was searching for news of her lover’s disappearance learns that he is married and has three children. The curious case happened with the American Rachel Waters, a resident of the city of Shenzhen, China.

According to The Sun, Rachel was looking for information about Paul McGee in a group of Facebook From the boy’s hometown of Norwich, England. After asking for the news and reporting the fear that something bad might happen to her, she received a reply from a friend of McGee’s wife: “He is married and has three children”.

Also according to the Sun, McGee’s friends explained that they had not seen the mother of their children since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when he was working in China and that they had to travel because of measures to prevent infection. was stopped from – and started dating Rachel.

But, according to the report, McGee parted ways when he went to China and there was “no overlap in relations”. The couple gave their relationship another chance when they returned to England. There is no explanation for the lack of contact between McGee and Rachel after they land in their home country.

After receiving the news, Rachel commented that the situation was not funny and removed her post from the Facebook group.

On her profile on the social network, Rachel published a message reminding her Song Shit Isn’t by Singer Doja Cat – with lyrics critical of unfaithful men.

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