Woman is stopped in flight while using microphone to explain “true origin” of Covid

Woman is stopped in flight while using microphone to explain "true origin" of Covid

passengers of Delta Airlines flight Went through unusual moments earlier this week. A woman decided to use a microphone to talk about The “real origin” of Covid-19 Inside the plane, which was en route to New York in the United States.

This moment was recorded by Johnny, a tiktok social network user. Last Sunday (17/10) posted pictures of the woman on her profile in the app.

In the video you can see that the woman uses the headset microphone to speak. “The reason the pandemic started is because now there is no faith in anyone. You are glued to your devices and no longer know what the reality is”, he fired.

The flight attendant’s crew tried to control the woman. They asked her to turn off the microphone and tried to move her to a chair. After protesting, the woman grabbed a suitcase and went to the rear of the plane with the staff.

“My dog ​​has more sense than any of you,” she said, before being taken away by the stewards. On the social network, the author of the video, Johnny, says that he has bought an Internet package to broadcast the moment live.

As of this Tuesday (10/19), the video had garnered 2.1 million views, 230 thousand likes and 14,400 comments.

In a statement sent to US website Insider, Delta Airlines said that “the safety of customers and employees is always a top priority.”

“We are aware of the video and appreciate the quick thinking of our crew, who began their extensive training to defuse the situation safely. the flight continued [Aeroporto] JFK and landed on time without incident,” he concluded.

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