Woman records the exact moment when lightning struck her husband’s car in America

Woman records the exact moment when lightning struck her husband's car in America

Michael May Whelan was in a different vehicle when it all happened; Edward Whelan and the couple’s daughter are doing well and it was nothing but a scare

playback/twitter/@nojumperThe couple’s car was completely damaged but all is well and it was nothing but a scare

A woman identified as Michael May Whelan recorded the exact moment her husband’s car was struck by lightning United States of america during a storm. When everything happened on a highway near St. Petersburg, Florida last Friday, she was right behind in another vehicle. 1. In the recorded video, you can watch the whole thing. According to The Washington Post, everyone is fine and it was nothing but a scare, but the truck was completely damaged.

In an interview with Fox News, Michael said that she was only able to capture the moment because when the storm began she thought the lightning was clear and several times she tried to take a picture, but was wrong each time. . Her husband, Edward Whelan, told NBC that when it all happened she felt a slight rumble in the car, and at that very moment his eldest daughter jumped on his lap and started screaming. “I had to jump out of the truck and run back to Michael and hug him and tell him we were all right,” she confessed. “We were really confused. We had a really bad headache,” he said.

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