Women’s team overtakes Canada in farewell from US tournament

Women's team overtakes Canada in farewell from US tournament

Brazil’s women’s soccer team said goodbye with the victory, and a spectacular performance in the first half, Shea Biles, a friendly tournament played in the United States that serves as preparations for the Tokyo Olympics (Japan). On this Wednesday (24), the Pia Sundage-led team defeated Canada 2–0 at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando for the third and final round.

With victories over Canada and Argentina (4 to 1) and defeats to the United States (2 to 0), Brazil took the She Bills title if the North Americans (two wins) from Argentina in the game ending the championship Lose, this Wednesday at 9 pm (Brasilia time). If the hosts win or draw, they win the friendly tournament and the Brazilians come in second place.

To face the Canadians, Pia maintained the formation with three defenders in a row of four. Without Kettlehen, who suffered a severe ligaments injury to the right knee, and Antonia, with Edima in her right thigh, chose Tenara to play on the right side, with Bruna Benits and Rafael as the central pair.

In midfield, Julia Bianchi and Adriana return to the starting lineup, whose main novelty was Ilwana Fuso, born in Salvador, but who defended Germany’s base teams where she grew up. With strikers Bia Zanerato and Ludmila on the bench, Martina was brought forward to command the offensive zone with Nimbahe.

The changes took effect. The Brazilians went up the scoring and hampered the opponent’s exit. On 14 minutes, Adriana nicked a Jesse Fleming midfielder in the middle, scored with Debina, entered the area on the left and kicked the post. On the rebound, Debina anticipated goalkeeper Stephanie Laabe and placed first. The second goal came about four minutes later, again with Adriana’s participation. The Corinthians player reached the half-moon and scored on the heel side and risked the outside to send the ball closer to the goal.

Pressure on defenders also led to the second goal. On 38 minutes, after a hit in the penalty area that included Ivana and Marta, Julia Bianchi pushed towards Gabrielle Carle, disarmed her and extended the score. At the age of 41, striker Nickelley Prince tried to corner Barbara, to reignite a dangerous shot, but the goalkeeper avoided a goal on Canada’s only real chance in the early stage. In the 44th minute, Brazil made almost the third with Adriana, who, due to a deflection by Lembe, met the Tamires on the left and hit the crossbar.

In the second half, Pia took out Debinaha, Marta, Tamires, Tenara, Ivana and Andresinha, and promoted the entries of Christian, Andresa Elves, Camilleha, Zucinara, Gianna and Bia Zanaratto, respectively. With the final 45 minutes exchanged, Brazil returned to play with two defenders and two full-backs (though Camilleha, falling to the left-right, right) and began with a high team in attack, including There were two field players.

The Canadians got more results by stirring up on both sides. Unlike the first half, the Brazilians were trapped and barely bothered in the attack. Before the cancellation, Joaquin Becky commanded the offensive action. Striker striker Adriana Leon hired Camilina. On 38 minutes, on the best occasion of the rivals (and the last of the match), Becky hit the post on a free kick and on the left, defender Shelina Zdorsky did not score just because Bruna Benits saved the line.

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