World News – Pakistan’s 39-year-old NSA One of the key players in the Army’s Gilgit move is China

Pakistan’s National Security Adviser with foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at an army briefing during their visit to  the Line of Control in August

Army Chief General Kamar Javed Bajwa has given green signal to Pakistan’s exercise Create a province in the disputed Gilgit-Baltistan Before a minister’s plans for Islamabad were made public last week, the Occupied Northern Territories (GBs) held a quiet meeting with the country’s politicians on the issue. But the army, people familiar with the matter, said it was not running the creation of a fifth state alone.

A 39-year-old has also been hard at work. Moid W. Youssef.

Prime Minister’s Imran Khan’s Special Assistant on National Security Division and Strategic Planning Pakistan’s young national security adviser has been described as a key driving force in the project, Pakistani observers in New Delhi have said.

In the unification of Gilgit-Baltistan The Islamic Republic works well with China Billions of dollars have fallen – albeit with a lot of debt – to block China’s economic corridors, and to build a weak Malacca Strait, a weak Malacca ship between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. . The Army has increased its presence in the GPC area over the years to protect the CPEC, which is facing some concerns from locals. Destroys the environment, culture and social fabric Without any benefit to the people.

Moyad Yousef’s long-running attempt to change the disputed situation in Gilgit-Baltistan also coincides with the project to turn the LoC with India into an international border. In 2009, when he was still an academic and was forging ties between Pakistan and the United States, Moeed Yousuf advocated for the transfer of the LoC to the IB, with both sides sharing relevant parts of Jammu and Kashmir. And sovereignty was maintained.

A Pakistani observer said Moeed Yousuf was exploring the possibility of formally implementing the LoC almost a decade after she visited New Delhi in 2018. By then, he was involved in the founding of the US Institute in Washington. Worked closely with Peace and Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence. He said.

Yusuf had created the form of advocating for an Indo-Pak peace solution to the Kashmir issue at the USIP. Before Imran Khan appointed him as his special adviser in December 2019, he had been embroiled in some controversy in the USIP when it came to hosting Pakistani officials at publicly funded institutions at events reserved for the invited invitees. Objections were raised about the location of the polling station. An expert from South Asia, Dr. Christine Fair also alleged that Yousef was sharing sensitive information with Pakistani agencies using his position and access within USIP.

Moeed Yousuf is said to have continued to talk about his views on Indo-Pak relations after joining Imran Khan’s team and brought the agenda with General Bajwa and other senior army officials.

His new role in Imran Khan’s team, his understanding and familiarity with the American system helped him to establish himself as a key strategic thinker for the Pakistani leadership, especially in dealing with the US administration, Congress, bureaucracy and thinkers.

Little is known about his views on Pakistan’s support for terrorism to achieve political and diplomatic endeavors, especially in Kashmir. Indian counter-terrorism officials said they had not heard of any instance in which Moeed Yousuf had spoken out against the establishment of terrorists operating in India.

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“What we do know is that they came up with the idea that Pakistan should not worry about mediation in Kashmir, that there is a concern that Islamabad could be put in a strange position if the US unilaterally approves of Donald Trump.” It’s like the Middle East plan. A senior Indian official said. The idea, however, received no support within the military or foreign office.

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