Wow! Vision loss patients regain vision with CRISPR technology

Pacientes con pérdida de visión recuperan la vista con tecnología CRISPR

And there was light! If advances in medicine have struck you, genetic engineers will seem like the new gods in the field of health. Well, a gene editing experiment with technology CRISPR managed that a group of people suffering from vision loss, they’ll get their sight back partly to the extent that they can now To find out objects easily and to differentiate color range.

This news has been well received by all mankind, as it means we are no closer to being able to cure chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, cancer, even finding the much-awaited fountain of youth. And with technology we are able to create super human beings. health’s holy grail, which basically involves copying and pasting DNA sequences, destroying gene damaged‘ and implementing ‘healthy’ genes.

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In the note at hand, scientists from the ‘KC I’ Department of Oregon Health and Science University, in collaboration with the gene editing biotechnology startup ‘Editas Medicine’, conducted a study with seven volunteers diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Leber’s congenital amaurosis‘, or ‘stroke’, which leads to total vision loss with surprising consequences.

After making sure the experiment was safe for use in humans, the volunteers agreed to allow genetic engineers to modify their DNA by injecting the revolutionary CRISPR technology directly into their body’s cells. being it first time The tool is used directly in cornea and irises from patients. The cells were first removed, edited in the laboratory, and then the modified cells were inserted back into the patients.

Vision loss patients regain vision with CRISPR technology

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Preliminary data published in the scientific journal ‘Editas Medicine’, Expose Evidence that vision is working by improving vision five out of seven participating patients. Although more research is needed, the findings could have far-reaching implications for anyone with the same disease.

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The researchers had to come up with another method of editing the gene. Using CRISPR, a harmless virus that inserted its own genome where the source of stroke disease should have been, its genetic material was removed and replaced. convert sequence that the patients need. But this did not solve all the problems. Researchers still had to get the virus to the retina, where it was needed. But, the cornea is a difficult piece of evolutionary craftsmanship, so the solution could have been injected directly.

Vision loss patients regain vision with CRISPR technology


One of the volunteers, 55-year-old Carlin Knight, is pleased with the improvements made to the stadium. His vision has become clearer and clearer, and now he can walk down the aisles without hitting him. “I’ve always loved colors. Since I was a kid, it was one of those things I could enjoy with limited vision. But now, I realize how talented they are. It’s unbelievable,” he said in an interview ‘NPR’.

If it’s for nothing that French scientist Emmanuel Charpentier and American Jennifer A. Doudna, creator of the CRISPR technique with ‘Genetic Scissors’, have won the prize Nobel Chemistry 2020. Undoubtedly, this is the beginning of the ‘cure’ of many diseases, if medical ethics permits it.

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