Xiaomi continues to set records: the world’s fastest charger is already on sale

The new Xiaomi charger that promises to charge from 0 to 100 in just 28 minutes is already the best-selling product of the year

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you are late. The alarm didn’t go off, or you didn’t hear it as usual, and now that you’re in a hurry to gather your things to go to work, you only have 20 minutes before you leave the house. take a look at yourself smart Fone, On bedside tables: 10% charge. In 20 minutes How can you charge a smartphone Will you need it all day? luckily he thought of it XiaomiWith the fastest and best selling charger in the world.

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The wireless charger we’ve been waiting for

is called Mi 100W Wireless Charging Stand, and this is the new wireless charger from Xiaomi. It presents itself as the most advanced solution in terms of wireless charging A branch that is still holding up. The design has remained virtually unchanged compared to the 80W charger, with angular lines that change in color: the support portion is an intense copper hue, the rest is black, a contrast that draws attention.

How the Xiaomi Wireless Charger is Structured – MeteoWeek.com

And like the 80W model, the smartphone can be positioned both vertically and horizontally depending on preference. The power supply has a double triangle design and uses a air cooler To cool down the device while charging. Xiaomi, in addition to power, wanted to provide a charger elegant and sophisticated design.

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Charging, for now, may only be supported by a certain type of smartphone

Solo Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and new Mi Mix 4 They support ultra-fast wireless charging mode, however, without reaching 100W, maxing out at 67W and stopping at 50W. For this new model, the list of “endurables” is quite long. The charger provides overcurrent and overvoltage protection, just like the predecessor 80W Introduced a few months back in March. is compatible with the device Standard QI And with most phones that support wireless charging.

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