Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 showing the front camera under the screen and MIUI 13

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 showing the front camera under the screen and MIUI 13

A few days ago Xiaomi certified Mi Mix 4, which confirms that the notebook is about to be made official. Now, images of what is believed to be the upcoming top of the line have leaked on the web, revealing some of the long-awaited details by fans of the Mi Mix series, such as the under-screen camera.

In addition, we can note the presence of extremely thin edges, showing an exceptional frontal usage in this device which has a Full HD+ panel manufactured by Huaxing Optoelectronics.

The laptop in question comes from the factory MIUI 13 Pre-installed from the factory, a system that hasn’t even been announced yet – At the moment, Xiaomi is still updating some models to MIUI 12.5.

Among other details of the Mi MIX 4 already mentioned in previous leaks, we have, for example, the presence of up to 80-watts of fast wireless charging and up to 120-watts via cable.

The under-screen camera technology, announced by Xiaomi in August 2020, is currently in its third generation and is ready for mass production, which is slated to start only next year.

Until then, the Chinese will work to optimize the camera algorithms so that the experience with these new modules doesn’t turn out to be a disaster like the one we saw First cell phone with this type of camera, or ZTE Axon 20.

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