Yahoo Answers will be disabled in May 2021. Technology

Yahoo Answers will be disabled in May 2021.  Technology

After 16 years, removing the most diverse doubts, Yahoo Answers will be disabled on May 4, 2021, according to a statement published on the top page of the service on Monday (5).

As of April 20, Yahoo Answers will only be available in read mode, without allowing more questions and answers.

“There will be no change in other assets or services or your Yahoo account,” the statement said.

User has the option to download their data before 30th June neste link

  • April 20: The user will not be able to post new questions on Yahoo Answers or answer other people’s questions.
  • May 4: The site will no longer be available and whoever accesses it will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage.
  • 30 June: Deadline for users to download their content.

Yahoo Answers was created in 2005 and was looking to solve computer problems, relationships, school doubts and even philosophical questions by collecting millions of questions from Internet users.

The service has recently lost relevance. The conclusion comes from a farewell email sent to company employees saying the site “has become less popular over the years”.

The amount of false information and conspiracy theories appearing on the site contribute to the platform’s lack of credibility. Yahoo says it wants to invest in “reliable, high-quality content”.

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