You can hire a dog, thanks to Sushima the dog’s beauty ghost

You can hire a dog, thanks to Sushima the dog's beauty ghost

Developer Sucker Punch continues to add new content to its hit samurai game. October 16, 2020 is the latest addition The ghost of Sushma Dog charm, which combines the ability to raise dogs in the open world. Players will also be able to recruit dogs that are their pet partners. The new feature was teased in a tweet from Suck Punch’s official Twitter account:

When the version 1.1 update of the game hits, players can enter Game + mode, and in doing so, The ghost of Sushma Dog Aesthetics, a new product formally named “Canine Recruitment Aesthetics”, is being used to raise dogs. Filled with a fresh love for Jin Sky and the latest samurai ideology, the dogs will then fight on his side as comrades against the Mongols. In the teaser clip, Jean is shown clinging to one of the Mongols’ own fierce war dogs and gaining his loyalty.

Dog rearing is not limited to the area of ​​life, however. Updates that give us The ghost of Sushma Includes dog charm Legend Multiplayer mode, which includes the ability to call a spiritual dog who can also be given a nice painting.

The ghost of Sushma Available immediately on PS4. Version 1.1 update will launch on October 16, 2020. Read our game review, or learn more about the actual Sushma attack.

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