Young man fired from New York subway for asking police to wear mask; Watch Video | World

Young man fired from New York subway for asking police to wear mask;  Watch Video |  World

Andrew Gilbert, 27, was pulled out of a New York subway station after two police officers asked him to wear a mask. The situation was recorded by another passenger, who was on the platform at 8th Street station on Tuesday (19), Victoria Hall (see above).

According to Gilbert, he was on his way to work, and passed the station in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, at about 8:45, when he saw two policemen, a man and a woman without protection – the mandatory location. .

Passengers caught without a mask on the subway can be fined US$50 (about R$280).

Then he went to both of them and asked them to put on masks, but they initially ignored him. Gilbert insisted that the use be mandatory, and the policeman even stated that he did not understand what he was talking about.

As the youth did not leave, the police officer said that he was harassing, grabbed him and pushed him towards the emergency exit door while his colleague was with him. He opened the door and Gilbert was thrown out of the room.

Still trying to negotiate, he asked for officers’ badge numbers so they could make a formal complaint, but he kept getting verbal warnings behind bars.

New York Police said the matter was being considered in an internal investigation.

According to a statement issued by the municipality, “the liability will be effective from November 1 for all employees of the city, including police, firefighters and street sweepers,” who must present a vaccination certificate to continue working.

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