Young mind of studying in Oxford and taking money from his mother for 5 years

When she was 20, Merv Bozkurt from Turkey told her mother that Went to medicine at prestigious oxford university (England). And so one started Blow that will last five long.

To cover expenses abroad, Merv sought help from Gulersen. The mother, who sells flowers in a cemetery in the interior of Turkey, made every effort to deposit money in her daughter’s account.. And she felt happy and proud every time Merv sent her picture in a white coat. She commented that she wanted to be one Neurosurgery.

Merve Bozkurt on the pretext of studying medicine at Oxford Photo: Reproduction

However, Merve did not even have a passport. Is it over there Never leave turkey. She was living all the time Istanbul, where she works as a real estate broker.

The scammer was only discovered when A local TV station decided to report on the incredible sacrifices made for her working mother and her family..

Gullerson sells flowers at the cemetery
Gusseran sells flowers in cemetery Photo: Reproduction

His dedication to his children went viral very quickly. Many offerings of donations including scholarship promises To cover all the costs of the young woman when she “completed her fifth year”.

However, the report found that no Merv Bojkurt was registered at Oxford. Under pressure, the Turks took in the bluff, the “Sun” said.

“I feel so bad because I annoy my mom. I’ve made up a story. I’ve made everyone believe that story, including me. However, I’m actually a real estate agency in Istanbul. I was working all the time. “The 25-year-old Turkish woman apologized.

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