YouTube for Android allows 4K video on a low resolution screen

YouTube for Android allows 4K video on a low resolution screen

Users of the YouTube Android app noticed that the software had a different function. According to him, the app now allows videos to be displayed even in 4K for users who do not have devices with this resolution.

The new was observed By YouTube subreddit users on Android. In a screenshot posted by one of the forum participants, you can see that all the resolution options including 2160p60 are available.


Developers differ on the reason for the new option. Sincerely: Reproduction

First, to rotate 4K video, Technical Specifications The need was a device with a 4K screen and a good Internet connection. However, it appears that all video options are available to all users.

Bug or functionality?

Speculation about what caused the stir on the forums. At first, it was assumed that the functionality would be an error in some application updates. However, for others, it is a purposeful adaptation of the app’s developers.

Videos played in high quality, even on devices that do not support that resolution, provide a better user experience

This is because videos with a much higher resolution have higher bit rates. As a result, fewer block compression artifacts are used in high speed screens. In this way, the sharpness of the video is increased by scaling, improving the appearance of Final performance result.


Another aspect that helps to believe that it is not a bug is the fact that the option is widely available in various versions of the YouTube app for Android.

“I checked some devices and was able to find additional resolution options on all of them despite running different versions of the app,” wrote Andriod expert Pranab Mehrotra. “It gives me confidence that it can be enabled through server-side switches,” he said.

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