YouTube TV will have 4K, offline videos and unlimited simultaneous streams

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YouTube TV Will get new features like video in 4KDownload content offline, unlimited simultaneous streams to watch and more. Although the announcement was made on Wednesday (17), the platform did not provide a date for news to reach consumers.

With new features, a Youtube Intends to redefine “the way the world experiences video”. These works were revealed in a blog post on the website by Neil Mohan, Product Director for the platform.

Regarding the new video formats, the company said that it is not only working with 4K, but other emerging formats such as VR (virtual reality). “This year we will relaunch the home screen of the YouTube VR app for better navigation, accessibility and search function,” Neil said.

YouTube TV gives you access to many TV channels

Service that looks like a cable TV, You will no longer have limits on simultaneous broadcasts. Currently, only three devices can access the application at the same time, similar to the screen boundary Netflix.

The product director said, “This new option will add unlimited simultaneous streams at home, so that the whole family can enjoy on different screens.”

The subscription service, which was launched in 2017 but has not yet arrived in Brazil, will also simplify navigation, the playlist will have new features music And a safe environment for children.

For content creators, the company said it is working on new features “Shorts”. Equipment is equal to reels instagram and to TIC Toc, Which are aimed at short videos.

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