Youtuber is arrested after a dog was tied to helium balloons and left in the air for a film video; Know the details

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How Far Have We Come? New Delhi’s YouTuber Gaurav Sharma starred in a shocking controversy and impressed the web by posting videos on his channel in which he revived classic scenes from the films “Up: High Adventures” and “Project X: A Party Out of Control” : Presented. His puppy. That’s right: He tied his little Pomeranian Lulu to a dozen balloons filled with helium and “flew” him. how horrible!

In the two-minute clip, Sharma arrives at a store and asks the salesman how many balloons he needs to keep his dog in the air. “Please don’t take it the wrong way. When we put dollars into flight, we will take all safety precautions”, he said. Then, we can see the pet being tied into the air by balloons and lifted up. Apparently out of control, the little boy ended up scraping against the wall of a building next to the place where they were filming.

The “technique” worked so well, that the puppy reached the second floor of the building, while Gaurav celebrated the feat, which represented a great risk to the animal’s life. In addition to the man, an old woman appeared on screen, encouraging and encouraging several scenes of YouTuber playing with the dog, which kept swimming. Look:

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Criticized by his followers and several animal rights organizations, Sharma withdrew the video from his channel and then publicly apologized. “I admit my mistake, but I personally took all security measures before broadcasting the video. I love my pet as my son. It was the wrong content that came out ”, Declared.

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“I also love pets. I was impressed by watching some videos from outside. I apologize for this and I appeal to everyone not to be influenced by my videos.” Gaurav said, who was influenced by the following scenes:

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Despite the apology, the content producers did not leave the story unheard. According to the newspaper The Indian Express, even though he removed the dog’s record of cruelty, his video was re-posted on other channels and presented as evidence of his detention by the Indian police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police of South Delhi area Atul Thakur told the vehicle that he had also received a complaint against Sharma from NGO “People for Animals”. “He was arrested on charges of cruelty to animals, endangering the life of a pet dog through the production of videos”, concluded.

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