10 kg snake blow on the face of a prisoner in Australia; Eye

10 kg snake blow on the face of a prisoner in Australia;  Eye

Snake catcher Josh Castle in Queensland, Australia was attacked by a 10-pound python holding a snake around his neck.

The snake-catching expert, Josh, was asked to remove the dragon snake from the backyard of Northlakes’ home. The reptile was sheltered next to a tree behind the residence.

As he descends the stairs, he shows the occupants of the property, holding the snake in his hands. The reptile begins crawling around Josh’s throat, which is accustomed to the situation. As can be seen in the photos, the snake starts wrapping itself around the young man’s throat. He then grabs the snake’s tail and tries to get it out of his body.

Suddenly, the young man is surprised by a snake bite that opens his mouth and tries to bite his head near the ear. He remains calm and removes the animal from his neck.

After the incident, the snake was shifted to a safe and abandoned location.

The species of python that attacks Josh is not poisonous, but his sharp teeth can cause painful bites with the risk of infection. The reptile can measure between two and four meters and can weigh up to 15 kilograms.

This species usually has nocturnal habits and seeks trees and shrubs to seek shelter, they feed mainly on mice and small rodents.

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