‘Zombie’ Horror: Picture Emerging from the Graves at the Mink Mass Burial Site World | News

'Zombie' Horror: Picture Emerging from the Graves at the Mink Mass Burial Site World |  News

Pictures of corpses buried as part of the country’s coronavirus family have gone viral on Twitter as they filled with gas and surfaced. Police are resuscitating animal carcasses after a natural disaster at a military training ground.

Thomas Christensen, a spokesman for the National Police, told state broadcaster DR: “When corpses decompose, gases can form.

“It spreads everything a little bit. Thus, in the worst case scenario, Mick is pushed off the ground. ”

Social media users responded to ridiculous reports about a “zombie mutant killer mins” uprising.

Melissa Combs wrote: “Wow! I didn’t have Zombie Minx on my 2020 bingo card. “

Lenny Mack asked: “Are we ending 2020 on a Mink Zombie Epiclipse?”

Stephen Bagh-Anderson wrote: “2020 is the year of the Minks, Zambia’s transformational killer.”

Nikolai Nielsen wrote: “Run … Zombie Minx is coming.”

Police in the western Jutland region of Denmark have reportedly found bodies buried under cover to hide, with some animals buried three feet below.

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Protesters drove hundreds of tractors in central Copenhagen on Friday to protest the Mink crisis, while rallies have taken place in other parts of the country.

France has also ordered the abolition of the 1000-minute procedure after coronavirus was detected in a farm population.

The French government has said that all animals will be housed on a farm in the Eure-et-Loir area.

Authorities have launched an investigation into several farms.

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