2021 Tokyo Olympics: Afro cap veto may be revised after negative results

2021 Tokyo Olympics: Afro cap veto may be revised after negative results

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Alice Dearing, photographed in the Soul Cap, will be the first black woman to represent Britain at an Olympic swimming event

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has announced that it is reviewing its recent decision not to certify hats manufactured by the company SoulCap specifically designed for black swimmers. Non-certification prevents the item from being used in international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympics.

“FINA is committed to ensuring that all water sports athletes have access to swimwear appropriate for competition, to ensure that these items do not constitute a competitive advantage,” the federation said in a statement.

Soul Cap produces swimming caps that protect dreadlocks, afros, wefts, hair extensions, braids and thick, frizzy hair. Black people’s hair tends to dry naturally, and the chlorine used in swimming pools can dry it out even more, damaging it. The cap was developed with these characteristics in mind.

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