23% increase in COVID cases in the US; Brazil is among exceptions, says Opsa

23% increase in COVID cases in the US;  Brazil is among exceptions, says Opsa

(Reuters) – Cases COVID-19 The US rose 23% last week, mainly in the northern part of the continent, and almost all South American countries except Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela are reporting increased incidences of infections, the Pan American Health Organization (oops) reported. Said this Wednesday.

PAHO also warned that North America could face a relapse like Europe, with the United States and Canada reporting rising rates of new cases.

In contrast, new infections in Central America decreased by 37 percent.

PAHO Director-General Carissa Etienne said, “Although cases have decreased significantly in recent months, COVID transmission is still active in our region, so every time we let down our guard, the virus picks up pace.” “

She warned that the experience in Europe, where several countries have reported record numbers of new cases in recent weeks, may be a reflection of the future in the US.

Although 51% of people in Latin America and the Caribbean are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there are 19 countries where vaccination coverage is less than 40% of their population.

The PAHO said case discharges mainly occur in densely populated areas where virus containment measures have been suspended or relaxed.

As the holiday season and summer holidays in the Southern Hemisphere draw closer, Etienne encourages people to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

“Our region saw a huge jump in new cases after last year’s holiday season and it took months for countries to reduce the incidence of new cases,” she said.

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