38-year-old mom dies while being photographed in Australia: report

38-year-old mom dies while being photographed in Australia: report

An iff night fell more than 200 feet after being photographed on a rock on Saturday Australia, According to reports.

Woman Rat is identified as Rosie Lomba, 38, who went to Australia with one of her children and her husband in Victoria’s Boroca Lukka Vict in Grapian National Park. 9 n .z Reported.

Police said the mother climbed the safety barrier to stand on a rock for a photo when she turned away from the shore and fell about 262 feet from the rock.

Oregon man plans to climb nearby to photograph his death: report

Grampians National Park overlooking the Ramp Hidden, Victoria, Australia. (Photo by: Getty Images Educational Images / Universal Image Group)

A tour guide in the area, Graham Wood, explained this Australian Broadcasting Corporation He regularly sees visitors climbing security barriers in the park. He said he had seen someone taking photos less than an hour before the incident and knew one day someone would fall.

“We left and I believe it happened in half an hour … [I was] Surprised, “it was just a coincidence,” Wood said. “I don’t know how you can prevent this from happening but maybe this will help … it’s a hard way for people to follow common sense.”

Police and state emergency services scaled the face of the rock for six hours to retrieve his body. The viewing platform was closed after the incident but reopened to the public at 10 p.m. 9 n .z.

At times, passengers and passengers died while taking a perfect photo.

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Hiker Celebrating Death of Coronavirus Lockdown

Earlier this year, A.J. Kazakhstan fell blood fell More than 110 feet For his death after taking cliffed photos to celebrate the end of the area Coronavirus Lockdown.

Olesia Sspetsina, 31, went for a walk with a friend at Duden Park in Antalya. Turkey – After weeks in a shelter in the city. Sputnik Turkey said she climbed a security fence in the park and looked for a picture on the edge of a rock in front of her beautiful waterfall, before slipping on some grass and falling about 115 feet, Spotnik Turkey said.

Back in September Oregon State soldiers told a man He died After climbing a tree for a picture on a rock off the coast of the state, a report said. He was allegedly in a tree when a limb broke.

After the latest incident in Australia, Police Minister Lisa Neville said no photo was worth anyone’s life.

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“We can’t stop every part of Victoria,” he said. “People have to take responsibility.”

Fox News’ Edmund de Marche contributed to this report

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