6 “Hidden Functions” You Definitely Want to Use in Google Chrome Gizmodo Japan

6 "Hidden Functions" You Definitely Want to Use in Google Chrome  Gizmodo Japan

lifehacker[जापान संस्करण]Reprinted from an article published on August 19, 2021

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, but some users are unaware of the great features of Chrome.

If you haven’t done all Chrome updates, you might have missed out on some great productivity-boosting features.

with that in mindThe 6 Best Chrome Features You Can Use to Improve Your Browser ExperienceI summarized. With these 6 features of Chrome, it will become even more convenient.

1. Copy Handwritten Notes Directly to Chrome

Do you sometimes have trouble entering handwritten notes on your computer? With Google Chrome, you can easily digitize handwritten notes into digital documents.I

google lensScan your handwritten notes and copy them from your smartphone to your computer.

Update Google Chrome to the latest version on your Android or iPhone and access Google Lens.

Image: MakeUseOf

Select the range of characters you want to scan and tap Copy to Computer.

Then open Connected Computer and paste the text. Google asks you to paste the text into Google Docs, but it can be pasted anywhere.

If you’re having trouble connecting to your computer, you can also select text, copy and paste it directly.

2. Click on a closed tab to reopen it

When working on multiple tabs, it’s easy to inadvertently close the tab you’re working on.

In this way the “history” of Google Chromerecently closed tabsand open the tab again, but in chrome,Last closed tab is displayed with just one clickI

If you want to reopen the tab that you closed this time, right-click on the Chrome menu bar and click “open closed tabIf you choose, you can open it faster.

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or, shortcut key of personal computer”Ctrl Shift TBut it also opens.

Screenshot: Lifehacker[जापान संस्करण]editorial department

3. Tab Groups and Name and Color Them

One of the main reasons why Google Chrome is so popular is the constant introduction of new features that improve the browser experience.

For those who open multiple tabs for a variety of reasons, it can be difficult to understand what each tab is.This is especially true if the tab name is so short that you can’t see it without clicking it.

chrome,Group Tabs with Just a Right ClickIt is possibleYou can give the group a name or colorI

Once you’ve grouped tabs, you can move or reorder them. You can also add and remove tabs.

To use this featureRight click on the tab and add tab to groupChoose. It will open up a whole new and efficient world. You can also name and color groups of tabs and open all tabs in a new tab.

After all, this feature made it a lot easier to find the tabs you’ve opened in Chrome.

Screenshot: Lifehacker[जापान संस्करण]editorial department

4. Play Any Media File

The next time you want to play files with audio, video, or audio, try using Chrome as your media player.

Drag and drop the file into a new tab in Chrome and it will play immediatelyI

Image: MakeUseOf

Chrome’s media player is basic, but it works well. You can keep the tab open during playback, or you can move the tab.

top rightmedia controlYou can control and adjust the volume with the option of.

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When playing a video file, you can play the video by displaying a small tab on top of the other tabs you’re watching. To play like this click on Media Control andpicture in PicturePlease choose

Images, PDF files and other files can be displayed properly by dragging and dropping.

5. Eliminate “obstacles” Read more

i’m trying to read somethingEnable Chrome Reader Mode if Images and Ads InterruptI

You can eliminate the ads and social media buttons that pop up in your browser, or go through the membership portal if you have to subscribe to view the content.

However, to use Reader Mode, you must first enable Reader Mode. Open a new tab in Chrome and read “chrome://flags/#enable-reader-modeEnter in the address bar.

In the Reader Mode drop-down menu, select “ActiveSelect “” and restart the browser.

After enabling Reader Mode, click on the book icon that appears on the taskbar to access it. Also, click on the three-dot icon in the top right and select “start reader mode“(Or”exit reader modeYou can also choose “).

Image: MakeUseOf

Other than this,Optimize the page for readabilitycan also do.

for example,font style and sizeor replaceback colorCan be changed from white to black or light grey.

6. Print Without Ads

Website articles are full of ads and images.

In such a situationchrome reader modeNot only that you can read without getting in the wayyou can also printI

After enabling Reader Mode by the above procedure, click on the three-dot icon at the top right and select “” from the menu.printing“.

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You will notice that the printed page is simple and slim. You can see how it will be printed on the preview screen before printing.

Image: MakeUseOf

When I try to print a web page, I see that Reader Mode does not appear or is grayed out. This is because Chrome’s Reader Mode only supports each article, not web pages.

Get the Best Browser Experience with Chrome’s Hidden Features

If you want to know how to improve your browser experience, you can find “” in the address bar.chrome://flagsEnter, and you’ll be able to access amazing experimental settings.

From easy scrolling to parallel downloads to prevent dangerous downloads, Chrome Flags lets you try out some great features that aren’t included by default yet.

However, if you restart your browser every time you add a flag, or if you’re not happy with the functionality of those flags, you’ll need to go back to the flags page and disable them.

Original article: 6 Hidden Chrome Features That’ll Make You More Productive by MakeUseOf

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