According to estimates Marcelo Rebelo de Susa has been re-elected President of Portugal World

According to estimates Marcelo Rebelo de Susa has been re-elected President of Portugal World

Marcelo Rebelo de Susa was re-elected President PortugalAccording to estimates released after the vote on Sunday night (24), at the end of the continent vote, on the island of Madeira and also in the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Estimates suggest that Rebelo would have 57% and 62% of the vote, eliminating the need for a second round, according to the broadcaster RTP and the “Diário de Notícias” newspaper, citing a poll by Catholic University is.

SIC Notícias had its own election, conducted by ICS / ISCTE / GFK Metris, indicating 55.5% to 60.5% of the votes for the current president.

The 72-year-old Rebelo faced a fall in the election with the intention of voting, especially after the Kovid-19 epidemic worsened in the country in recent weeks.

But, apparently, he was called upon to avoid another three weeks of campaigning, to make a second-round decision, and voters believed his promise to make the fight against the coronovirus a top priority.

Socialist Ana Gomes appears as the second-highest voter with 13% to 16%.

Far-flung Chega’s populist Andre Ventura is third with 9% to 12%. The 38-year-old Ventura abused misleading comments against two of her rival women in controversy and made harsh threats to minorities, especially against Roma.

In Portugal, the head of state has no executive power, but he can dissolve parliament and call assembly elections early in the event of a political crisis. Rebelo de Susa has so far lived without major friction with Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who had given informal support for his re-election.

Voter voted for the presidential election at the polling station in Lisbon on Sunday (24) – Photo: AP Photo / Armando Franca

Fear of Kovid-19 led to higher rates of miscarriage, but not a record, as predicted. The number of voters attending polling stations was registered in 2016, but was higher than the 2011 number. Voting is not compulsory in Portugal.

According to the General Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Administration, 35.44% of the voters had voted till 4 pm. In the last presidential elections, on 24 January 2016, at the same time, the number was 37.69%. In 2011, it was 35.16%.

Overall, it was estimated that 60% to 70% of voters would leave voting, but estimates put the number at between 50% and 69%.

The country of 10 million people has been facing a severe epidemic outbreak since the end of 2020, when distance and prevention regulations were relaxed over the Christmas period, with the highest annual average of new cases and deaths per capita in seven days Had happened.

The Portuguese government, on Friday (22), identified the first case of coronovirus infection associated with the South African version, one of the recent mutations in Saras-Cove-2, which is believed to be highly transmitted.

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