Activists manage to save 386 dogs that will be eaten at Yulin festival in China

Activists manage to save 386 dogs that will be eaten at Yulin festival in China

Chinese police intercept a truck carrying 386 dogs that were to be slaughtered at the annual festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin. The consumption of dog meat is one of the traditions of the event, which is set to begin this Tuesday (21/6), the summer solstice.

Images released by the British newspaper The Guardian showed dogs being confined in wire cages in precarious circumstances. Upon learning that the truck was carrying animals last weekend, activists feared some might have contracted infectious diseases. He then reported the vehicle to the police, citing the country’s laws on epidemic prevention.

“It was horrifying to see so many dogs in such a terrible condition, it was like a truck from hell for these poor animals. Their dog meat and their slaughter bring shame to our country, so we will keep fighting till we stop this don’t see the end of the agony”, commented Lin Xiong, one of the activists who saw the truck being stopped by police, quoted by the newspaper.

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According to The Guardian, animal rights activists have investigated China’s laws and regulations to persuade authorities to stop the Yulin festival.

“There are rules that make it clear how to handle animals, for example a legally required quarantine inspection certificate. But apparently those carrying the dogs did not follow these rules. we have to remind them [desses regulamentos]as well as officials”, says Shaanxi city activist Xiao He, quoted by the British newspaper.

The dogs rescued from the truck were of various breeds, sizes and health conditions. They were probably domestic, stolen or stray animals that were captured. He was sent to Quarantine.

Chinese activists told The Guardian that the pets were handed over to the Capital Animal Welfare Association, a Beijing-based animal protection NGO, after traders signed an agreement to relinquish ownership of the dogs.

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