Actress Ashley Judd almost lost her leg in Congo forest accident

Actress Ashley Judd almost lost her leg in Congo forest accident

Fractures occurred in a remote area and were helped by the guide until it was removed. There was a 55-hour standoff between the crash and entry into the South African ICU

Actress and activist Ashley Judd, 52, suffered an accident during a campaign in the rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). The artist broke his leg at four different points after stumbling and claimed to undergo a period of “intense agony” while waiting for help.

The accident may have occurred due to poor visibility of the actress due to flashlight malfunction. However, being in an area of ​​difficult reach, the pace of rescue was slow and Jude had to wait five hours for rescue, a period in which he relied only on first aid procedures performed by his tour guide.

After the first appointment, the actresses of “Divergent” (2014) and “Risko Duplo” (1999) were taken to South Africa for intensive care. In total, there were 55 hours between the accident and his hospitalization in the country. South of the country. African continent. He told a little about the process on a live on Instagram with the newspaper “The New York Times”.

His guide lures Jude “like a wild animal”, putting a stick in his mouth, showing the camera a piece of wood from his ICU bed. By the time the rescue managed to find him, Jude was going into “shock” and went through intense pain.

The actress says she spent “an hour and a half moving in a swing in the woods, walking barefoot, crossing barefoot and hills and crossing rivers” until she arrived at her camp.

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She was then taken on a six-hour drive on a motorcycle to the city of Zulu, where she rested in a tent, yet she was in great pain. From there, Jude flew to the capital Kinshasa, where he was admitted for 24 hours before being transferred to the ICU in South Africa.

Regarding the Congo, the actress claims that she is a country she “deeply loves, but unfortunately, is not prepared to treat horrific injuries like mine.” “The difference between me and the Congo is health insurance which allowed me to be at an operating table in South Africa for 55 hours after the accident,” he said.

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