After the 3rd lockdown, France began reducing moderation measures and resumed face-to-face classes.

After the 3rd lockdown, France began reducing moderation measures and resumed face-to-face classes.

Education and Tourism. These are areas that will start arriving from Monday (3), gradually easing the sanctions measures against the epidemic. COVID-19.

They arrive on the same date Travel restrictions end and partial withdrawal of primary and high school students’ face-to-face classes begins, In a scenario of slow decline in hospitals. However, the medical profession asks the French not to relax their behavior. If all goes well, open-air cafes and restaurants, as well as museums, may reopen.

The first phase of the French defibrillation calendar will give citizens a taste of freedom, including written or cellphone withdrawals, and the end of travel restrictions.

After two weeks of distance learning, high school students will return to school establishments on a part-time basis, optionally individual and distance education. However, the curfew will remain in force at 7 pm.

In France, the epidemic is heard for the fifth consecutive day. The ICU, located far below the peak recorded during the first wave of Kovid last year, has fewer than 5,600 people hospitalized. In the last 24 hours, 195 people have died in the country. The vaccination campaign, open on Saturday with comorbidity in all adults, is progressing, and more than 15 million people, representing 23.3% of the population, receive at least the first dose in France.

The daily number of deaths in hospitals by Kovid-19 has come down to its lowest level since October., According to data released by health officials on Sunday (2). Since the epidemic began, a total of 104,819 people have died from Kovid-19, including 78,566 in hospitals, with public health specified in France.

Before the official figures were published on Sunday, a spokesman for the French government welcomed recent positive signals suggesting a slowdown in the country’s pandemic, assuming that he predicted many optimistic measures to end on May 19 Favored a more optimistic scenario.

“When we look at the state of health and in particular, everywhere we see that the epidemic subsides, we have every reason to be confident about being able to take this step anywhere in the country on May 19 The reason is “, Gabriel etal told French television.

Back to Roland Garros courts

All courts in the Roland-Garros tennis tournament will be able to accommodate spectators at the limit of 35% of their capacity, Jean-Michel Blanchere, Minister of Education, Youth, said during the first leg of the competition and the game in France.

The limit will be raised to 65%, with a limit of 5,000 viewers, a date to start June 9, the day the quarter-finals should begin, the minister told French television. This new roof will therefore increase the possible occupation of the central court, which has 15,000 seats, to a third.

A week-long tournament is scheduled to begin on May 30. France currently has a provision to reopen the game on 19 May in the absence of further deterioration in health status due to gradual lifting of sanctions.

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