All news from the showcase

All news from the showcase

The Resident Evil Showcase, held on Thursday (15), brought unpublished information about the Resident Evil Village and other franchise-related projects. The ads range from gameplay details to revelations about the adaptation of the Capcom series.

Resident Evil Village

The latest Resident Evil Village trailer shows fans unreleased scenes from the enigmatic village, which will be passing through some environments and enemies.

These sections offer a glimpse of a huge underground factory, possibly used for the production of human organisms, as well as a huge artificial lake that houses what appears to be a giant aquatic monster.

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The mysterious man who appeared in the January Resident Evil Showcase turned out to be Heisenberg – another formidable rival in the path of protagonist Ethan Winters in search of the kidnapped daughter of course. Veteran Chris Redfield also gives the impression that it is still unclear what his true intentions are.

The expendables

Surprisingly, Resident Evil Village will bring back the nostalgic extra mode “The Expendables”, which promises a lot more content, more gameplay. Arcade And a lot of awards.

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“Players are required to complete increasingly challenging objectives while racing against the clock in this game mode that is capable of completing the main campaign. Duke, the main game trader, appears in this mode, and is able to deal with challenges. Provides weapons and upgrades to help. In addition, players can acquire skills that improve their weapons or physical abilities. Each player can decide their own strategy to complete each objective “, a press release Appears in

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Demo Day Resident Evil Village

Players will be able to explore villages and palace areas for up to 60 minutes in a limited-time demo for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

“This multiplet recorder demo will reach Brasilia time (BRT) at 9:00 pm for 24 hours from May 1, including Brazil, with a preload option at BRT from April 29 to 9:00 pm. This new demo includes support. “Voice for Portuguese and Brazilian fans will be the first opportunity to learn dubbing”, Capcom reported.

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PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players will get two opportunities for early use of this demo, both of which will experience 30 minutes of a field in an 8-hour window. The first date will provide access to the rural area, and will begin at 9:00 pm (Brasilia time) on 17 April, with a pre-download option already available.

The second date will provide access to the palace area from 24 April until 9:00 pm (Brasilia time), with a pre-download option also available.

Resident Evil 4 in Virtual Reality

Resident Evil 4 will be released for Oculus Quest 2 and therefore can be played in virtual reality. For now, there is no fixed date, but new information for April 21 is promised.

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Resident Evil: In Absolute Dark

An unreleased trailer for Resident Evil: Absolute Dark, was released during an animation event to be released on Netflix in July. As you can see below, Leon and Claire will have to fight for survival together again.

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Resident Evil Dead by Devil

A new collaboration between Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil has been announced. No details were released during the presentation, but it has been promised that a Resident Evil hero and villain will be added to the cast of the competitive game.

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Resident Evil No Big Festival

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil Village dubbed in Portuguese, Capcom will make a presentation at the free digital event BIG Festival with the appearance of part of the dubbing cast.

Fabio Santana, public relations and localization manager for Capcom in Brazil, will be present at the BIG Festival to explain the process of localizing and dubbing the local Ewasi village, revealing voice and interacting with artists who have voiced Granted. Some of the main characters.

The presentation will begin at 8 pm on May 7, the day of the game’s launch, in an online format, open to all free of charge. YouTube Big Festival, Nemo TV I Canal Facebook History Channel.

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