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A vibração dos daneses, já no Qatar/2022

Now straight to the house. Thanks to their victory, on Monday, 11 October, against North Macedonia in Skopje, at the opponents’ home, Germany became the first nation, apart from the host, to secure its place in the 22nd Qatar/2022 Cup in history. This Tuesday, 12th, but in its own domain, Denmark also secured itself in the competition, after beating Austria 1–0, with eight wins from eight matches.

Deserves 13 seats in the Europe Cup. Ten leaders from the ten keys of your preliminary will automatically qualify. And now, in the final stage, on a very steep slope, of the 55 teams that make up UEFA, there are still another 20 in the fight for the remaining eight places. Here is the respective table of points won for each group, from A to I, along with all matches from this Tuesday, Monday.

Group A
Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Serbia

Portugal 5 x 0 Luxembourg
Faro/Loule, Algarve Stadium
Referee: Benoit Bastien (France)

Goals: Cristiano Ronaldo/3/2 Penn, Bruno Fernandes, Palinha

Serbia 3 x 1 Azerbaijan
Belgrade, Rajko Mitik Stadium
Referee: Eric Lambrechts (Belgium)

Goals: Vlahovic/2/1pen, Tadyk/Pain X Makhmudov

9 october games
Azerbaijan 0 X 3 Republic of Ireland
Goals: Robinson/2, Ogbene
Luxembourg 0 X 1 Serbia
Target: Vlahovic

last game
1 september
Luxembourg 2 x 1 Azerbaijan
Portugal 2 X 1 Republic of Ireland

4 september
Republic of Ireland 1 x Azerbaijan 1
Serbia 4 x 1 Luxembourg

september 7 games
Azerbaijani 0 X 3 Portugal
Republic of Ireland 1 X 1 Serbia

B Group
Spain, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Sweden

Sweden 2 x 0 Greece
Solna, Friends Arena
Referee: Tobias Steeler (Germany)

Goal: Forsberg/Penn, Isaki

Kosovo 1 x 2 Georgia
Pristina, Fadil Vokri Stadium
Referee: Pawel Raczkowski (Poland)

Target: muriki / pen x okrishvili, davitashvili

9 october games
Georgia 0 x 2 Greece
Target: Bakacetas / Penn, Pelacasi
Sweden 3 x 0 Kosovo
Goals: Forsberg / Penn, Isaac, Queison

last game
2 september
Georgia 0 X 1 Kosovo
Sweden 2 x 1 Spain

5 september
Kosovo 1 x 1 Greece
Spain 4 x 0 Georgia

8 September
Greece 2 x 1 Sweden
Kosovo 0 X 2 Spain

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Group C
Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland

Lithuania 0 X 4 Switzerland
Vilnius, LFF Stadium
Referee: Tiago Martins (Portugal)

Target: Embolo/2, Stephan, Gavranovic

Bulgaria 2 x 1 Northern Ireland
Sofia, Vasil Levski National Stadium
Referee: Alexei Kulbakov (Belarus)

Goals: Nedelev / 2 x Washington

9 october games
Lithuania 3 x 1 Bulgaria
Targets: Lasickas, Cernich / 2 X Despodov
Switzerland 2 x 0 Northern Ireland
Goal: Zuber, Barrel Knight

last game
2 september
Italy 1 x 1 Bulgaria
Lithuania 1 x 4 Northern Ireland

5 september
Bulgaria 1 x 0 Lithuania
Switzerland 0 x 0 Italy

8 September
Italy 5 x 0 Lithuania
Northern Ireland 0 X 0 Switzerland

Group D
Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Finland, France, Ukraine

Kazakhstan 0 x 2 Finland
Nur-Sultan, Astana Arena
Referee: Halis Ozkahya (Turkey)

Goal: Pukki/2

Ukraine 1 x 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Helsink, Helsinki Olympic Stadium
Referee: Felix Zwier (Germany)

Target: Yarmolenko x Ahmedhodzik

9 october games
Kazakhstan 0 X 2 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Target: Prevljak/2
Finland 1 x 2 Ukraine
Target: Pukki x Yarmolenko, Yaremchuki

last game
1 september
Kazakhstan 2 x 2 Ukraine
France 1 x 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

4 september
Finland 1 x 0 Kazakhstan
Ukraine 1 x 1 France

7 september
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 x 2 Kazakhstan
France 2 x 0 Finland

Grupo F
Austria, Denmark, Scotland, Far Side, Israel, Moldova

Denmark 1 x 0 Austria
Copenhague, Telia Parken Stadium
Referee: Ivan Kruziak (Slovakia)

Target: Division

Faror 0 x 1 Scotland
Torshavan, Torsavoleuru
Referee: Matej Jug (Slovenia)

Goal: Dykes

Israel 2 x 1 Moldova
Beer Sheva, Turner Stadium
Arbitro: Andris Tremanis (Latonia)

Target: Jahvi, Dabber x Nicolescu

9 october games
Scotland 3 x 2 Israel
Goals: Jay McGinn, Dykes, McTominay x Jahvi, Dabburi
Faroer 0 x 2 Austria
Target: Limer, Sabitzer
Moldova 0 x 4 Denmark
Targets: Skov Olsson, Kajar/Penn, Norgaard, Mahle

last game
1 september
Denmark 2 x 0 Scotland
Far over 0 X 4 Israel

Moldova 0 x 2 Austria
4 september
Far over 0 X 1 Denmark
Israel 5 x 2 Austria

Scotland 1 x 0 Moldova
7 september
Austria 0 X 1 Scotland
Denmark 5 x 0 Israel
2 x 1 far away from Moldova

Group I
Albania, Andorra, Hungary, England, Poland, San Marino

England 1 x 1 Hungary
London, Wembley Stadium
Referee: Alejandro Hernandez (Spain)

Goal: Stones X Salai/Pen

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Albania 0 X 1 Poland
Tirana, Arena Combatare
Referee: Clement Turpin (France)

Target: Swedersky

San Marino 0 x 3 Andorra
Ceravalle, San Marino Olympic Stadium
Arbitro: Halil Umut Meller (Turkey)

Targets: Pujol, Moreno, Fernandez

9 october games
Andorra 0 X 5 England
Goals: Chilwell, Saka, Abraham, Ward-Orose, Grealisho
Hungary 0 X 1 Albania
target: number
Poland 5 x 0 San Marino
Goal: Swidersky, Broly/Com, Kedziora, Buxa, Piatek

last game
2 september
Andorra 2 x 0 San Marino
Hungary 0 X 4 England
Poland 4 x 1 Albania

5 september
Albania 1 x 0 Hungary
England 4 x 0 Andorra
San Marino 1 x 7 Poland

8 September
albania 5 x 0 san marino
Hungary 2 x 1 Andorra
Poland 1 x 1 England

Group E
Belarus, Belgium, Estonia, Wales, Czech Republic

games of this era

11 October
Belarus 0 X 2 Czech Republic
Goal: Schick, Halozecki
Estonia 0 X 1 Wales
Goal: Moore

8 October
Czech Republic 2 x 2 Wales
Goals: Pesek, Ward/Pain x Ramsey, James
Estonia 2 x 0 Belarus
Goals: Heaven, Genjove

Grupo G
Gibraltar, Latvia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey

games of this era

11 October
Latvia 1 x 2 Turkey
Target: Demiral/Com x Dursen, Burak Yilmaz/Pen
Netherlands 6 x 0 Gibraltar
Goals: Van Dijk, Depay / 2/1pen, Dumfries, Denzuma, Malen
Norway 2 x 0 Montenegro
Target: Elyounoussi / 2

8 October
Gibraltar 0 X 3 Montenegro
Goals: Marusic, Besiraj/2/1 pen
Latvia 0 X 1 Netherlands
Goal: Klaasen
Turkey 1 x 1 Norway
Goal: Akturkoglu x Thorstved

Group H
Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Russia

games of this era

11 October
Croatia 2 X 2 Slovakia
Goals: Kramarik, Modric x Schranz, Harslin
Chipre 2 x 2 Malta
Target: Papoulis, Sotiriou X Z. Muscat, Degabriele
Slovenia 1 x 2 Russia
Target: Ilicic x Diveve, Dhijikiya

8 October
Cyprus 0 X 3 Croatia
Target: Perisic, Guardiol, Livaza
Malta 0 X 4 Slovenia
Target: Ilicic/2, Sporar, Sesko
Russia 1 x 0 Slovakia
Target: Skinnier/Con

Grupo J.
Germany, Armenia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Romania

games of this era

11 October
Iceland 4 x 0 Liechtenstein
Goal: S. Thordarson, A. Gudmondson / 2/2pen, Gudjohnson
North Macedonia 0 X 4 Germany
Goals: Havertz, Werner / 2, Musiala
Romania 1 x 0 Armenia
Goal: Friendship

8 October
Germany 2 x 1 Romania
Targets: Gnabry, Muller x Iannis Hagick
Iceland 1 x 1 Armenia
Goal: Johansson x Hovhannisyan
Liechtenstein 0 x 4 North Macedonia
Targets: Velkovsky, Alyosky / Penn, Nikolov, Churlinov

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The winners of the ten keys of the European Qualifier automatically qualify for the Cup. And how will the other three UEFA vacancies be filled? The ten runners-up in the bracket will be joined by two other teams from the recent Nations League. These 12 will then be divided into two sections or pots. In one, the UEFA rankings will have the six highest-scoring runners up. In the second, the remaining four runners-up and the NL’s two Repscada – the two best in their respective rankings, defying, of course, the champions and their runners-up.

In a draw series, the singles game from March 24 to March 29, 2022 would define the playoffs, with supplementary doubles, until the 13 representations that took place in Qatar. Participants from 55 UEFA affiliates including Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the administrative branches of Denmark, UEFA Qualifiers have so far made 200 appearances and 586 goals, an average of 2.93. For now, the top scorer is Memphis Depay of the Netherlands, who has scored nine goals. Then, at the age of eight, Eran Jahavi from Israel. Aleksandar Mitrovic of Serbia scored seven runs. Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, Finland’s Teemo Pukki and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, each scored six runs.

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