Amazon changed its sales app soon after comparing it with Hitler

Amazon changed its sales app soon after comparing it with Hitler

In January this year, Amazon updated the logo for its application The sale, Replacing a traditional shopping cart with a minimalist image that recalls packages sent by the company. However, almost no one liked this change, as it reminded the public of a somewhat disgusting historical figure: Adolf Hitler.

The new logo shows the feature arrow retail seller Next to a piece of blue ribbon, traditionally used in childbirths manufactured in the USA, pierced in the shape of sharp teeth. The innovative idea of ​​the company’s designers put an end to the groove, as netizens were not late to notice that the ribbon image closely resembled a mustache, which was popularized by comedian Charlie Chaplin in the early 1900s. Which became the trademark of German dictator and politician Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the rise and establishment of the Nazi regime.


The Amazon shopping logo is compared to Hitler’s mustache. Picture: Digital Look

A month after the first logo change, the company soon decided to make a new change, replacing any ribbon trimmed with a twisted piece of blue ribbon cutting any resemblance to the Amazon app with Hitler’s image.

For The Verge Portal, an Amazon spokesperson commented that the company is always looking for new ways to delight customers and when the new icon is expected by the app, retailer, as well as users, to begin their shopping journey, excitement. And was designed for pleasure. They see packages coming to their door.

New design of Amazon Shopping. Picture: Social Network

But the company’s design sector did not expect the netizens to come up with another comparison for the new blue ribbon format. When they saw the update of the new logo of the Amazon shopping app, many netizens reported that they remember the cartoon “Avatar: The Legend of Ang”. This time, the comparison was fun!

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Via: The ledge

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