American women’s team is another obstacle in the fight for equal pay

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A federal judge approved partial settlement in a long-running dispute equal pay Log into United States Football Federation, a US Soccer, It is on Selection of women Winner of world Cup, But the players’ struggle with the federation is not over.

Judge’s verdict R. Gary Classner, Tax US District Court To Central california district, Approved an agreement on Work Status The parties involved achieved this in the previous year. When he rejected the players’ main argument about equal pay last May, Klasser told them to continue their demands for unequal working conditions in areas such as team flights, hotels, space choice and staff support. permitted to.

Before they could appeal defeat equal payPlayers need to resolve these issues. According to the players, now with the deal, they will return to the heart of their legal struggle: an appeal from Klausner’s decision that rejected their demands for payment Men’s team get receive. “Now that it is behind us, we intend to appeal the court’s decision for equal pay, which does not take into account the fact that the players receive equal pay,” said a spokesperson for the players. , Molly Levinson.

The players sued the federation in March 2019, claiming that they had been subjected to unequal treatment and years of payment. Twenty-eight members of the team entered the preliminary process, which later became largely involved, to any player who has been a part of the women’s team 2015. He drew attention to the equal pay dispute over the years – through field protests, interviews and social media campaigns – winning on the field and accumulating two World Cups.

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Klausner therefore declined the requests in a single disastrous paragraph in May 2020. In that decision, Klausner determined that not only did US Soccer pay less players than the men’s team, but he was led to believe that “the women’s team received both more seriously and in the process for years under consideration.” Average per game compared to the male team during the “.

It is not clear how long the appeal against your decision can be, or even whether it will be decided in court or at the negotiating table. The women’s team’s collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of December. Although women have won significant wins in their current contracts, the biggest discrepancy in salary between the players of the men and women team is the world bonus issued by it. FIFA. Bonus set in last Men’s World Cup $ 400 million, While for women, was performed a year later $ 30 million.

While it said it had no control over these payments, US Soccer has again offered to seek a settlement settlement that could end a legal battle that has hurt both the financial and emotional side, and Which has forced fans of both American teams to take sides. .

The federation said in a statement, “We expect the women’s team to appeal the summary judgment which stipulates that US Soccer has paid fair and equal remuneration to the women’s team.” “We hope that we can reach a resolution outside the judicial system.” Transfer of Romina Cassia

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