An elderly woman who died in Argentina was almost cremated; Police investigation case – 01/28/2021

An elderly woman who died in Argentina was almost cremated;  Police investigation case - 01/28/2021

An elderly woman who It was close to cremation alive in Argentina Died last night. The newspaper released this information “Clarion”, But the cause of death has not been revealed.

Case that appears to have come out of a Movies, Took place in the city of Renusia last Sunday (24) and is being investigated by the local police.

According to the publication, the 84-year-old woman became ill and was rushed to the hospital, where she was admitted to the ICU (intensive care unit).

This was when the clinic staff on Sunday informed the daughter that her mother had died after a cardiac arrest.

However, during the funeral, just before the cremation, the woman realized that due to the protocol of the new, the protective mask that was on the face of the elderly woman. Coronavirus, Growing up, coming to the conclusion that he would still be alive.

She was rushed back to the hospital, where doctors found she still had vital signs, even though she was weak.

For “Clerkin”, the chairman of the Chaco Association of Clinics and Sanatorium, Armando Frangoli, said that nothing like this happened 100 years ago.

“Earlier, when there were fewer resources, there was 24 hours to bury the obligation. Nowadays, with doctors and resources, it should be less difficult to certify that death has not occurred,” he said.

The unnamed daughter condemned the Sanatorio de la Sagrada Familia, where her mother was hospitalized, to find out the false death of her mother.

Frangioli, who runs the network to which the institution is a member, guaranteed that the place is “of a very good standard with first-level professionals”.

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