Ana Marcella also qualifies for Tokyo by the pool, but gives – 04/22/2021

Ana Marcella also qualifies for Tokyo by the pool, but gives - 04/22/2021

Already qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games in open water, Ana Marcella Cunha made history today (22) when she also qualified for the Olympics in pool after doing an index in the 1,500-meter freestyle. In a historic race, three Brazilians reached the required minimum mark in the singles race, with only 20-year-old Beatriz Dzoti insisting on winning the national distance record. Ana Marcella, however, later warned that she would not race in Tokyo to focus on the water marathon.

The Beatries have been assured in Tokyo for their first Olympics, but the second spot is still open for Ana Marcella. In a post-race interview, she stated that three weeks from now she would hand over the plate given to her for the Olympic classification by the CBDA.

Has the Brazilian Water Confederation (CBDA) made an exception, so that athletes who caught Kovid as recently as March 17 could later time-out on June 12. And, especially in women’s background events, there is a high chance that Vivian Jungblut, who was a Brazilian record holder to date, will also make it to the index.

Like this, Women Lorschet, Which also ranks third in the index, is awaiting testing of the university in a month and a half. If Gaumo swims better than 16min27s73, the second Brazilian spot in the race will be Vivi. If not, Betina will be classified. But the highlight of the event that opened today’s stage of the Olympic tryout was the young Beatriz Dizzotti, who set the pace and set a new national record: 16min22s07.

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Ana Marcella Cunha swam a good part of the race in the third, but outscored Betina in the final stretch and improved to her career-best mark in 11 seconds. She will be swimming in the pool in Tokyo, because at the Olympics, the swimming competition will precede the open water ones.

Even today, the men’s 4×100-meter freestyle relay was judged, which is a strong candidate for the medal in Tokyo. The team will be formed by Andre Calvo (who won the 100m freestyle), Pedro Spajari (also swimming 100m in the Olympics), Breno Correia and Marcelo Chirghini. In the 200-meter breaststroke, the Cayo Pumputis failed to attempt the index.

Relay vacancy is near

If no Brazil had qualified for the Olympics in swimming until the fourth day of qualifying, two places came out in the 1,500 meters today and the 4×200 meter relay came very close to the classification, marking the 8min00s92 at a time. The team was formed by Larissa Oliveira, Danielle Roncato, Aline Rodrigues and Natalia Almeida.

By international norms, the top 12 relays of the 2019 World Cup in Tokyo will go to Tokyo and the four best brands in the world rankings, leaving these 12, known as recaps. With today’s weather, Brazil takes second place on the list, just behind Italy, which has 7min59s68. In the Worlds of 2019, for which the CBDA did not take the women’s relay, made 8min07 in 12th place. Now Brazil begins to dry out rivals who will dispute the European Championship in two weeks. The United Kingdom, France, Holland, Sweden and Spain are the candidates.

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But there is a very complicated account that can stop this call, even if the vacancy comes. its What FINA imposes a limit on athletes in Tokyo who do not have an index for individual events, the so-called “relay only”. There are two locations for each classified relay.

Today in Brazil, Tokyo, three relays are guaranteed, all men. Murillo Sartori (4×200 m), Luiz Altamir (4×200 m) and Marcello Chirighini (4×100 m) will occupy these three spots, until they are indexed in other events. If the women qualified for the 4×200 meters, Brazil would have eight “relay only” credentials, and then four who swam today: Larissa, Danielle, Aline and Natalia would enter.

But if another women’s relay, the 4×100-meter medley, for example, wins the Olympic spot, Brazil will have ten spots and 11 athletes just to swim the relay. Twelfth if a man does not score in the 100 meter butterfly, there is evidence that it will be played tomorrow. If this happens, the worst relay in the world rankings will be dropped.

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