Analysis shows women’s volleyball team relies on attack strength to score – 08/05/2021 – SPORTS

Analysis shows women's volleyball team relies on attack strength to score - 08/05/2021 - SPORTS

With an eye on these Tokyo Games, Brazil’s volleyball team will be relying heavily on their attackers’ points from 9 a.m. this Friday (6) when they face South Korea in a quest for a place in the final. Asians, on the other hand, usually score higher than others from the mistakes of the opponents.

a Leaf Analyzed how all the women’s teams competing in the tournament scored. Among the semifinalists, Brazil is the one who scored the most with strikes (63% of the points). This percentage is only lower than that of Japan, which gained 66% and fell in the first leg. Korea, on the other hand, achieved 59% of the targets on that basis. In blocking and serving, Brazilians and Koreans have similar levels.

Among the opponent’s mistakes, Korea stands out: 26% of its score comes from there, the highest level in the semi-finals, which also includes the United States and Serbia. It is one of those teams that most opponents miss on attack – other forms of this aspect are serve and welcome errors.

In return, Brazil received only 21% of its score by mistake from rivals.

A strong point in Brazilian statistics is the presence of four players from the team in the top ten scorers in the championship. Korea only has two. This aspect could make up for a bad final day for a key player, such as Brazil’s Fernanda Gare, the third highest scorer in the competition (115 points). Still in the top 10 list are Gabby (84), Caroline Guttsz and Ana Carolina (63).

Just after the victory against the Russians in the quarter-finals, Gare said that the team’s advantage is that, “If the opponent is preparing to mark one player, another will come who can help, including who is on the bench.” Is”. In that game, Rosamaria left the reserve and was the highest scorer with Guttaz (16 points).

If the diversity of players can be an asset to Brazil, Korea has another: Kim Yeon-kong is the second-highest scorer in the competition, with 115 goals – 23 more than the best Brazilian. The 33-year-old and 1.92m Korean, is regarded by experts as the best striker in the world. In London-2012, she was adjudged the best athlete in the women’s volleyball competition.


a Leaf It also analyzed the serving speed of Olympic teams. Brazilians and Koreans have more concentrated services in the range between 60 km/h and 70 km/h, with a slight speed advantage for Asians. Anna is the player for the Carolina national team that exceeds 70 km/h – yet, most of her services fall below that mark.

One team that struggled was the Russian Olympic Committee. Most of the team’s services are between 80 km/h and 90 km/h, and a considerable number are above 90 km/h. This power, however, is not reflected in direct serve points: the Russians scored 5% of their goals in this regard, the same percentage of Brazilians and Koreans, although a well-performed serve, if not a direct serve. , so can help in the course of the dispute.

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