and now? Pastor confirms new virus reaches people by cell phone

and now?  Pastor confirms new virus reaches people by cell phone
Junior Trovo (Photo: Reproduo / YouTube)

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pastor junior i got

, said in one of his speeches that the arrival of a new


Virtual Go “Reset Humanity”. In a video going viral, Junior said that “the entire land” will catch the virus.

“A virus will arise that will reach many people in a few hours. In 6 days, 3 billion people will be affected. In 22 days the earth catches the virus. But, it will not reach the body, but all the telephones, networks social And will cause a world reset,” said the preacher.

“If ‘they’ are saying there will be a ‘reset’ because there will be no more memories in movies, videos and pictures. From now on everything you want to tell will be from your mouth,” said the pastor. Among other disconnected and unproven information, Jr. Trovo continued to talk about the subject for 16 minutes. check out:

The topic captured social networks and Internet users did not forgive:

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