Antonov’s sources claim that the world’s largest aircraft An-225 Mriya was destroyed

Antonov's sources claim that the world's largest aircraft An-225 Mriya was destroyed
Antonov An-225, in just one example image – Source: Flyrosta, via youtube

Ukrainian Antonov has not yet officially published a note on the matter, however, several media outlets associated with company officials report that the destruction by Russia of the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Antonov An-225 Miria, has been confirmed. Has been. The image we saw earlier here at AEROIN (if you haven’t seen it, Click here to use).

local portal radio svoboda, for example, say that two company sources confirmed that the Ukrainian plane was hit., one of the world’s largest aviation YouTube channels, also claims that people associated with Antonov’s management said the An-225 and other planes at Gostomel Airport were destroyed, as were Shown in the video below.

According to the air-clip, in addition to Maria, sources elaborated that the Antonov An-124 with registration UR-82009, which was inside the other hangar, was also destroyed under maintenance like the An-225.

Apart from the two large aircraft, An-26, An-74 and An-28 jets at the airport were also hit and destroyed.

Watch in the video below the moment in which the air-clip passes the information coming from Antonov sources (you can activate the automatic translation of subtitles into Portuguese through the player menu):

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine published a note in which he regrets the destruction of the An-225. see minister’s statement click here,

The Antonov An-225 Miria was not only the largest aircraft in the world, but also a device of great importance in world air transport, allowing large and heavy loads, impossible to load on other aircraft models, to be transported rapidly. in any part of the planet.

Updates: As of 1:30 p.m. this Sunday, February 27, the Antonov Company has only reported that it is still unable to report the aircraft’s technical condition until its technicians inspect it to assess .

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