Video: Strong car door opens and highway is covered in dollars – International

Video: Strong car door opens and highway is covered in dollars - International
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Travelers traveling on Interstate 5 — an important highway on the west coast of the United States that connects the Canadian border with Mexico — came across an unusual situation this Friday afternoon (11/19): raining money. The incident happened in San Diego, California, when a strong car door opened and banknotes spread across the track.

Videos posted on the social network show the chill of those people when they saw the money rumbling. Several people stopped cars to collect dollar bills from the ground. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) works in partnership with the FBI and has called for a refund.

A CHP police officer told the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper that anyone who took the money could face charges. “If a lot of TVs don’t have a driveway on a highway, you just can’t pick up the TV.” According to the official, a lot of money has already been refunded.

Officials did not disclose the amount that fell from the vehicle or the amount recovered. But he did highlight that he has images of people collecting ballots. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the CHP has 48 hours to return the money and avoid potential criminal action. At least two people have been identified and arrested.

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