Apple Watch helps police locate Kidnapped Woman in US 01/24/2021

Apple Watch helps police locate Kidnapped Woman in US 01/24/2021

Police in Selma, Texas (USA) succeeded in locating a woman who was abducted due to an Apple Watch feature that allowed her to track locations.

While being transported, the victim managed to contact her daughter, who along with the police, used the Find feature to find her mother’s location. The information is from the American TV network “Fox San Antonio”.

The case took place on December 16, 2020, but only in the final week, on January 20, that the local police succeeded in arresting the suspect, who was identified as Adalberto Longoria and the case was revealed.

It all started with word of mouth in a parking lot. A woman, whose name was not recognized, and Longoria were arguing, as she had not handed him the vehicle.

During the misunderstanding, in an instant, the woman sat in the bucket of the vehicle, and the man occupied the passenger seat. Longoria departed at her shouting.

The victim’s daughter was in the parking lot and just heard her mother scream, not knowing where she had gone.

About 15 minutes after leaving the scene, the victim managed to contact her daughter with Apple Watch, saying that she had been kidnapped and threatened by the man. This caused police officers to consult their daughter and use the wearable’s “find” function Cell phone To find out where she was.

Although the “Fox San Antonio” report did not provide much details, it is very likely that the hijacked woman’s Apple Watch had 4G and GPS mobile connection. In addition, it states that either the daughter had her mother’s iCloud login or her cell phone, enabling location tracking.

according to this Apple Support Page, C o Iphone With the search option enabled, it is automatically enabled with the Apple Watch feature attached to it.

IPhone search app interface showing the location of Apple Watch

Picture: Disclosure

Longoria left the woman on a roadside when she reported that she had called the police. They then operated for some time, abandoned the vehicle and fled, only to be found on 20 January.

However, reports of Apple Watch aiding health care are common – as People who have cardiac arrhythmia while using the accessory – This case in Texas shows that a watch, like the iPhone, can help solve crimes.

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